William Albert Allard

Montana, 2004

My springer spaniel Buster scans the Montana fields as we look for grouse or pheasants. Buster loved to hunt and even when he grew old he would still tremble at the thought of getting out to run and seek the scent of wild birds. He lived to be thirteen and was a great example of the old saying that the only fault dogs have is that they don’t live long enough.

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I can totally see Norman Rockwell painting this portrait!


How do you create such a beautiful image? There are so many “pretty” images but this is one is truly beautiful




I love everything about this photo, the light, the moment, the story.


What a wonderful picture ♥️






@williamalbertallard this touches my heart. I grew up hunting behind the same dog (English Springer) at Surprise Creek Colony directly outside Stanford. I wonder if we hunted the same rivers of brush.......


Love so much


@queerhellion I’m not crying you’re crying


Great post brother. I love it and couldn’t agree more. 🧡🧡🧡




Beautiful shot!! 😍Loved the colors and your Buster.😊👌🏼


I love this. Im from virginia as well and moving to montana and have an english setter that loves to grouse hunt. 😍😍 @williamalbertallard


LOVE this


Our chocolate lab is winding down her years...much like your Pup she still trembles at the thought of chasing birds. She sure is one of the true friends faithful from beginning to the end..


Very cool content 📷


clearly love this
superb picture, love it






My brother and I grew up with two springers, two of the best dogs I've ever met. Incredibly active, loyal, friendly dogs. Buster must've been a wonderful, fun part of the family.


Gorgeous picture


Priceless memory


@deb.rip ❤️




You have some great shots in your gallery! I mean I liked them 😊


‏Intelligent 🖤↓


‏Intelligent 🖤↓


This is a good picture but I don’t know if it is because of good lighting or place… maybe composition 😉👍

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