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Travel for me is very rarely about the destination and more about the people I meet along the way. I met these men while waiting for the iron ore train in Mauritania. We had been waiting for hours and out of curiosity and boredom started to engage in conversation the best that we could but the important things rarely need to be verbally communicated. We cooked, had a feast and laughed at the things that happened around us. It was one of the highlights of my time in the Sahara. What are your unexpected travel moments? @leica_camera @leicacamerausa #beopentotheunexpected #thisiswhyitravel

2,221 Mauritania



Absolutely glorious!


.. and after ‘Shantaram’ I flew directly to Mumbai to drink cold beers at the Leopold Cafe ..


.. and after ‘Shantaram’ I flew directly to Mumbai to drink cold beers at the Leopold Cafe ..


Quite a train station🤙


Love the colours 💕👌🏼


Waited for that same train but in the middle of the night... felt unreal!


Breathtaking, simply beautiful, your pics.


Life is a surprise package


I love to meet knew people! This pic is awesome!!


@jodymacdonaldphoto love it! Communicating/hanging out with strangers who don’t speak the same verbal language as you will always be one of my favorite things about traveling. Body language and facial expressions is usually enough to make a meeting like this a highlight of a journey. Well done!


Having just gotten back (well almost, since I'm between flights in Frankfurt)... from two weeks with the Maasai, I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Thanks for the share, Feeling inspired to go back to the travel


@jodymacdonaldphoto I loved living in Mauritania and taking that train was such an experience!!!


How were you able to speak to them ?


Let's go back and shot some film

Always the people. A favorite unexpected travel moment is making friends in Ecuador after a street vendor stopped me from getting mugged in the street at night. Ended up at his home, having a feast of guinea pig with his family, drinking beer and listening to music. They didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Spanish.


My unexpected travel moment came in Vietnam after missing my bus to hue , I hitched a ride with a local and a van full of crocodile meat.. the stunning scenery took my mind off the smell I’d do it all again in a heart beat..



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