Tom Cox

I’ve lived in Lambeth for nearly all of my life and am still just as inspired by the areas in contains. Especially when it comes to Brixton and Herne Hill. Over the past four years I have continually returned to these scenes both familiar and in a state of development.
That’s why I’m so happy that this weekend I’ll be showing all of my South London paintings along with others in my collection at The Urban Art Fair @urbanartbrixton from 11am - 6pm both days 👨‍🎨
They close off the road and hundred of local artists descend onto Josephine Avenue and show off their amazing artwork. Come and join me for a beer! - Before or after the World Cup Final!!
#brixton #brixtonacademy #brixtonvillage #brixtonmarket #brixtonbowls #urbanart

154 Brixton



Love 😁


Belos trabalhos👍🏻🌹


Hi my friend, I really like your art. when you will be back in Brazil?


@farahbellio cheers Farah 😄


2,3&4 are my faves 😍



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