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Summer Vibes in Paris

Paris, France

Summer Vibes in Paris




A city full of sunshine ❤️ Soon I am coming to visit


Как пройти собеседование в Аэрофлот и другие авиакомпании узнай на @englishsky_vk


@baileymcastillo 😢 makes my heart ache


Очень хочу в Париж!)))


@vutheara Such great profile!!! Your pictures are beautyful! Nice job! Ok, shooting pictures from Paris is not really a hard job and all pictures are automatically beautyful because of the nice city ;-) I love PARIS


Quelle belle photo !


@gemmashannon 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 so excited xxxx


Tellement beau


Sempre nel cuore❤️❤️


I had been there in March!! Ate Chinese restaurant 😄


Tellement 🍦


Wow Wonderful weather and great capture.


@kalsmitev 😭😘 we miss you tooo :((((


@keelykleman peep O’Brien’s on the left


Absolutely love this! It looks like a vintage photo 😍


Truly cool 😎


So pretty !!! And always the classic Vespas strolling around the city... ❤️


That’s wonderful 💕






Allez le bleu!! 🇫🇷


@meganluigi ok but actually

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