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Ubud - Bali. Tag someone you love ❤️❤️❤️
🎥 by @adinistorfoto @ricgm @candela.mont


Wavy gravy 🏄🏼‍♂️🌊 // Hiked 10 miles through the desert to see these rocks, nature is amazing 😍


Photo by @jimmychin | Rule #1 for a big day in the mountains: Plan and prepare so you don’t get caught out after dark. Rule #2: Always pack your headlamp. Paul Mcsorley happy he abided by rule #2 while finding alpine perfection after a long day in the Coastal Range of British Columbia. For more mountain adventures around the world, follow @jimmy_chin.


Photo by @krystlejwright // As a storm system from the south chased us north along the Antarctic Peninsula, we were greeted with spectacular evenings. Easily a paradise for any photographer when dramatic light aligns with an equally magical landscape #Antarctica @natgeoexpeditions


Fragility of Ecosystem | Photograph by Julia Wimmerin (@juliawimmerlin)
“Everything we see in this photo from Anilao, Philippines is very fragile and can soon disappear. Dying corals, fish full of plastic coming all the way from plankton and going all the way up the food chain,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Julia Wimmerlin. “Polluted water and air... The more we hear it and say it, the more likely it is that this will change. And generations later, people can still take photos of this incredible beauty.” This photo was selected for the “Celebrating the Planet” story. Go to the link in our profile to submit to our current assignments (“For National Geographic’s Photo of the Day” and “Climate Action in Your Community”) and for your chance to be featured on @natgeoyourshot.

“Losing an ecosystem like this can be truly heartbreaking. You start to wonder when will we ever wake up and realize the damage that is being done. I love how the coral is set in the bottom foreground of this image as the fish move above in a pattern. Excellent work with this angle as I'm sure this was a tough underwater image to capture.” — @natgeoyourshot Senior Producer Matt Adams (@themattadams)


Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Coco, a Congo African grey parrot who’s feeling particularly co-dependent after Valentine’s Day. “She will follow me all around,” says Coco’s human Jackie Persaud (@mss_jackie_j). “Once she loses [sight of] me, she will scream like a toddler and ask, ‘Where you? Where you? Where you?’”
Deep down, Coco just wants your undivided attention.
Photo by @mss_jackie_j


“Today we salute da tongues. 😋 P.S. if you keep laughing , ma, your face is gonna freeze like dat” writes @chasin_chester


¿Te gusta el trap / Otros estilos? ¡Demuéstralo subiendo una foto con el hashtag #NGPWR! ¡Mírala en pantalla en el estreno de "Noisey"! 🎧📺⬇
Estreno, en marzo, por National Geographic.


Happy Valentines Day!

#valentinesday2019 #everythingeverywhere


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