Jody MacDonald

One of the many things I love about travel and photography is the unexpected. With photography I have to open to the opportunities that present themselves and often when that happens I don’t particularly know where I’m going. I put great value in the unpredictability of getting lost and what I find in those unexpected places. It’s always those times where I have the most fun, produce the best work and it is essential to my creativity. @natgeocreative @gitzoinspires @leica_camera @leicacamerausa #embraceuncertainty




@lunselort Du er ihvertfald en af dem 😜❤️


@mathiaslynge er det mig du hentyder til din skid?😜❤


@lunselort jeg er klar! Det er også der de mærkelige mennesker er 😂❤️


@mathiaslynge haha ja men det er i de små scary gader at alt det sjove er😂❤


Great sky & reflection🤙


Is this Banc d'Arguin Park ?


Moma & Papa loves your work🤪🤙


@lunselort Når du stikker af ned af små scary gader 😜❤️


@mathiaslynge hvad gør dig nervøs?❤ Det behøver du ikke, men du kan måske bedre forstå det nu😉


Really nice framing with the water and all. Must have been anxiety inducing having it that close to the water haha


Nice shot. Where is it ?


@lunselort Det gør mig lidt nervøs, men elsker dig lidt for det alligevel. Skal nok prøve at lære at embrace det 😂


Lige mine ord, håber ikke du hader det😂 @mathiaslynge


Seriously, you have an amazing eye!👏🏼


I love how the saturation is down a lot 😍


Awesome photo Jody


What a Great photo!


and in your turn you make us discover the unexpected and these beautiful places so Thank you 🙏🏻📸😍


Great photograph Jody!

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