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Photo by @arni_coraldo (Corey Arnold) // Sponsored by @americanair // Collaboration of @natgeo and @wsj // One of the highlights of my visit to tequila country in Jalisco, Mexico, was walking the blue agave fields at sunrise surrounding the Tequila Fortaleza Distillery, a charming small, craft distillery and hacienda on the edge of town. These young agave plants will grow for 7-8 years before their piña, the heart of the plant will be mature for harvest, and used in the production of tequila. // For globalists on the go who look for adventure around every corner, @americanair can take you far & away with a premium flight experience.




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Mexico lindo y querido ♡




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Beautiful photo!!


My Jalisco




Amazing view... i wish i'll be there...💖




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Mexico is so beautiful, great photo

¿Is it agave azul?


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This fields country sides


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I was there last april... incredible to view such beauty! I loved it! 🤗

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