Hannu Strömberg

Had nice summer camp with our scout troop. Our scout troop has 70th anniversary this year and we had celebration dinner on sunday evening. Also had time to continue cabins stair project. Camp theme was middle-age so we forged own knives. After a week long camp our dog is waisted.

#härmälänhaukat #partioscout #igerslauttakulma #valkkis #woodcraft #metalcraft #blacksmith #rentoo #vankkakäsityönleima




@hannustromberg älä mökötä 😂


@adal1ina hyvää matkaa itseesi


Mää käsitin ton middle agen niinku et teillä on ollu leiri keski-ikä teemalla ja totesin et sullahan on ollu varmaan kotosa olo 😂😂

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