Douglas Pryor

Put together a simple but hopefully helpful little video for a friend @natsukiuji We just didn't quite have time to finish this happy little Japanese style flower in the workshop. So this is meant as a follow up video, I will cover the tools I used and show the steps. Links to come.

#raising #chasing #repousse #metalwork #metal #art #sculpture #metalsculpture #mask #blacksmith #metalart #hammertime #handmade #tutorial #flower #workshop #copper




Douglas! Super cool, as always!


@cjdufton if I have time I might try one of the rose as well if that'd be helpful.


@dphandjewelrydesigns thanks! It's a simple pattern but it'll be a good thing to practice for symmetry.


@brianastle just let me know man! I'd love to make you something!


Sooo cool and beautiful!👍❤


You're too good, I need you to make me something at some point.


It’s s beauty

Love it!




Sweet! Can’t wait.


I'd love to see the video


Awesome, I’m gunna have to check that video out🙂


Definitely want to see that video.

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