Robin Sharples Anvil Man

Some brilliant pics of Peter Wright’s forge and production facilities circa 1910
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thanks for sharing. I always wanted to see the process of making these beauties! !

@stevenbrady5 I haven’t come across anything as yet👍


Do you know of any vintage videos of anvils being forged and manufactured?

@driftonforge they were taken from a later Catalogue, circa 1910
They are photos but suspect touched up👍

@driftonforge is this an actual picture? Hard to tell because of it being on a phone.


That’s fantastic

@driftonforge you can see one of the anvil tops on the steam hammer👍


I have yet to see actual pictures of anvils being manufactured.


and most would love those tools even today they would be very effective. Not much changes when it comes to ancient techniques


These photos are fantastic Robin!


Amazing pictures Robin!

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