Jason Fleck

OK! Well straight from the poll... over 50 people said yes... So here it is, $10 per ticket and it will be open, I’m not setting a limit. Might sell 5 might sell 25 who knows. PayPal friends and family to 1jason.fleck@gmail.com
Please add you IG name in the memo so I know who you are. Tickets will be available for the next 48 hours or so, I will do the drawing Saturday evening. 1st Winner will receive one of my anvil touchmark tools and free shipping. I will also do two more additional names that will each receive a DHV ultimate Swag pack including a copper keychain and free shipping. So have at it! As always Thanks for the support!! #blacksmith #blacksmithing #blacksmithingtools #anviltools #anviltool #hotstamp #coldstamp #supporttheindependents

108 Huntington Beach, California



@dahawaiianviking ah! I always forget about the stories. Congrats to the winner!


@theunaficionado oh yes? It was in my stories, it was 48 hours after it opened. @life_of_jade_damion was the winner.


Did ya draw a winner yet?


Throw me in for two please


I got two.


Put in for two bro


I’m in brother!


Done and done!


@fellknives 😂🙏🏼🤙🏼


Oh crap I just saw this! I’m in!!


I’m in. Fingers crossed

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