LABron has the west buzzing, but Steph says don't forget about the defending champs. (via @usatodaysports)




I love stphelhen




@flacko_ftw this is so honest. Thank you so much for letting the world see how us “bandwagon” fans really feel. Lay off. #hatersgonnahate


@at.aceathletics bro I ain’t hating your just salty you lost the cavs with lebron and kyrie and you blew a 3-1 lead you had to go and get more fire power just to beat us cause that’s the only way you can I am not hating you are just jealous of lebron


@ryanhollins so if Klay and Curry got hurt, you’re telling me Durant could lead them to a championship?


Warriors habe no chance to win the league championship next year lakers all day


Toronto is finally happy 😃😁😃


@zaymorrow they had two of the greatest ever of the nba that too in their prime.


@allmoneysigns_nj3 Derrick rose good try tho


And they will


@reis_rowekamp21 Let me guess who’s your favorite player Michael Jordan,Kevin Durant,Steph Curry,or Kobe Bryant???...Exactly


This will be the Warriors toughest year. The Warriors had great Luck along the way- injuries to the Cavs (Kyrie and Love), Spurs (Kawhi), Houston (CP3). It is what it is. Great team though.




@ahaliti2 we all know Kyrie won that finals for Lebron... don’t get too cocky


I think y’all are forgetting that the dubs won 73 games without kd or boogie


Like Ric Flair said: “To be the man, WHOOOOOOOOOOooooo, you got to beat the man!”


All star team lol the NBA is a joke


Yaaaahhhh lets go dubs.... 3peat


They've been forgotten.


Hopefully COUSINS fits well


@sethpennington kd joined the bandwagon. They had already won without Durant. And all of their all stars were drafted. It’s not their fault that they hit on their draft picks year after year. Kd joined a 73 win team and now cousins joined a 3 or 4 time nba championship team.


@mikesievila love was hurt and kyrie was gone brother


@stephenasmith Thanos v. A Fully Stacked Monstar team


Shots fired!!! 😂⚰️


When the Lakers have Klay they are definitely winning

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