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Photo by @hammond_robin for @doctorswithoutborders - “The sea was dark and we couldn’t see anything and the youngsters were crying and we were afraid and we kept on saying: Dear God get us there,” says 14 year old Syrian, Bilal Al Fadoos. He is describing the latest part of his flight from his home in war torn Syria - the crossing from Turkey to the Greek Island of Lesbos. - This series of photographs shows thousands of life jackets left behind by arriving migrants are gathered at a dump on the island. - Those who try to arrive in Lesbos via Turkey and the Aegean Sea have been trapped for an indefinite period on islands in Greece as part of the EU/Turkey deal and its deterrence and containment approach. In Lesvos (Lesbos), there are currently more than 8,000 people in a camp made for 2,500. - #inmyworld is designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with #mentalhealth issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. @witness_change is a nonprofit that aims to improve life for excluded groups by amplifying their stories. This work was made in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières @doctorswithoutborders who are providing mental health support to the island’s refugees. See the full story on To see more on instagram or share your own mental health story please follow @onedayinmyworld




@kerrite want to go back?


super photo 💪📷


@87jessicaacissej78 Well, maybe we need to butt out of Africa then. Stop living off their wealth and the like.


@_drachenpantoffel_ no we don't. They need to stay in Africa


The solution is one... Stop the war... No one wants to leave their home....


@87jessicaacissej78 Turkey is doing so much to help in this matter. Europe has to help as well and I'm talking all European countries.


@michaelinvictus Speak for yourself. All you do is talk about us going down and being doomed. The last time I checked people in Europe were just as well of than in the US, if not better. And if we don't help people in need there is nothing left to be proud of.

@aleosn “where is global warming; my air conditioning works just fine and we are cool here...”


@badgersmom Guess noone told you that it's really rude to judge people that almost died in their effort to survive. Ever talked to 8-year-olds about traveling the Mediterranean sea in a freaking nutshell? I thought so. We all should be thankful that our biggest problem is to pick out matching colors. Happy crocheting.


@aleosn Thank you so much for explaining this. So many people do not seem to understand! ❤


We must stop the people that cause this flight of humanity for the well being of their families


The sadness and human suffering is overwhelming




@mikem5120 the first thing in their mind is saved


@hcilingir you say that because you are not in their position. They are Just trying to survive. Just read the news about their condition in their homeland then you May have another perception about their effort to flee. Sorry, i dont mean to preach you.






Poor Greece 🇬🇷


Economic migrants. Otherwise just stay in turkey


It is so horrible What these people are going through! I can’t even imagine! 🙏🏼


This look scary and sad






@hcilingir Which of the animals stays to save the forest during a fire? We have to be able to see the survival nature of this action and do not pretend you would do otherwise. There is no honor in losing your kids or loved ones. That is pint 1. Point 2 Our grandfathers in europe fought indeed. But they were fighting for the freedom, against a common enemy. Here there is no common enemy. There is an unreasonable civil war with the blessings of the great powers. As a greek, I had the opportunity to meet many young refugees at my age (late 20s) and all of them day: Do you think we wanted to leave? I was an engineer, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or an entrepreneur.... but then I lost my father, the house was bombed, we had no water supply, no food in supermarkets, hospitals bombed. Now, what exactly can someone do? Every animal on earths history(especially humans) migrate when the environment does not guarantee survival. Have a look at the chronicle of the Syrian war and you will realize that these people are the first that don’t want to leave their homeland.


@aleosn If everyone will escape, WHO is going to save their country? Our grandfathers gave up their freedom during Worldwar so that we could have rights & freedom now. They even didnt think to escape...

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