can’t believe we are a day away from the summer collection launch!!!!! 3pm TOMORROW only on 💕




@_leanamanda 😭😭😭😭


@caazmarq aqui no Brasil deve ser um roubo msm


@_leanamanda Deve ser o olho da cara, mas né... É outro nível


Meu sonho @caazmarq KKKK


@c_aguiniga_casta ve su colección amor te va a gustar JAJAJAJAJAJAJAAJJAAJAA


just got this in the mail today, absolutely love it, great products you have, and hopefully in the future there is more too come, love you kylie xoxo❤️


@fleurbezemer Je bent niet de enige met deze gedachte


@annemollema waarom denk ik als eerste dat dit verdomd veel lijk op tony’s chocooo



The best brand of lipstick i have EVER used @kyliejenner


Please bring the glosses back ma @kyliejenner 🤗💋🔥


@orhan9217 🖕🏻🖕🏻


We haven't actually managed to try these powder palettes yet but we're obsessed with this branding, love it


Nice! Congrats👌🏾👌🏾




Jhcc kg xjxv v


😃😃😃g. Cnvnvb.

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