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Today was full of so many delightful firsts. My first visit to King’s Wharf, my first coffee date with the awesome (and growing) @blogjamatlantic team - wherein I did not in fact have coffee (say what?!?), my first guided walking tour of downtown Dartmouth (thanks @alibreeninsta!), my first visit to The Canteen where I had their utterly amazing Quinoa Bowl (highly recommended!), and my first visit to @kokomodfloral (so cool!). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thank you @halitrax, @freshrhd, @kasocialmedia, @oneredmike, @michelle.doucette.photography, and Ali for making sure this week ended on a high note. The day was great. The company was even greater! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here’s to more days like this and always choosing the scenic route. 😊

49 The Canteen



@suziconfesses Suzi! This was nothing short of scrumptious. I would recommend their Quinoa Bowl to anyone who asked me. Sometimes a person just needs intense colour and freshness in their lunch, you know?


@halitrax It really was. You are a very good walk and talk person and I am happy and grateful to call you my friend. 😊


@paulajroy Ha ha ha! 💖


@paulajroy It’s regional! Don’t even get me started on Cape Bretonese. 🤣


@peadypics Whaaaat????? I use it ALL THE TIME!!!


@paulajroy True story: I have never used this saying in my entire life. 😂


@michelle.doucette.photography You too! I keep talking about your glasses. So pretty!


What a large day!!


Great to catch up with you :)


It was so nice to spend some time together!


That looks amaze balls!!


So great to see you today ❤️


Cool cool cool

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