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Let’s talk about a seemingly ridiculous subject. Hear me out, ok? First off, THIS IS NOT ME POSITIVELY ASSERTING THE EXISTENCE OR NONEXISTENCE OF ANYTHING!! I’m saying that the very concept is exactly what is beyond what we, in our limited perception both as individuals and greater groups, can typically observe and beyond what we consequently consider rational. This doesn’t mean that any of this is rational or that it’s true, just that it is irrational to declare anything definitely untrue on the basis that it is beyond what we consider natural. One shouldn’t consider unsubstantiated claims and next to no evidence to be definitive evidence of existence but neither should people take the apparent lack of evidence as definitively determining nonexistence. We could apply this principle to god, aliens, monsters from legend, elusive species of animals like the giant squid or just about anything. This is a principal I’m talking about specifically in relation to the super natural but it is also present in politics, science, law, all sorts of stuff. Stated simply it is that a lack of demonstrable evidence for a claim is not itself evidence of that the claim is false. If anything super natural is real then it is just a rare and unusual, elusive anomalies that yet defy proper observation. Does any of it exist? I don’t know. Does any of it definitely not exist? I don’t know. God? Beats me. -----------------------------—------------ Partners: (partner ≠ necessarily agreeing with everything or anything they say. (Partners are people I wish to recognize for whatever reason I see fit.) If you wish to be a partner then ask, otherwise I won't add you. If you ask, I still might not add you.
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I like the way Louis CK put it: I haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave yet, but that doesn’t it doesn’t exist.


What most people think of as super natural is a result of changing brain states. Your brain creates the reality you're currently experiencing. Then there's the world you find yourself when you die (you don't have to die, you can have an out of body experience), the astral plane, which isn't dependent on brain function to be experienced. It's like a realm of pure mind. Makes you wonder wtf is really going on.


@the__autonomist This was good. Full of interesting points. And something I like to hint at. We know of the universe what we can detect, through our natural senses and our technological ability to study things such as gravitational waves, radio waves, the flow of electrons through metal. If there were more out there yet undetectable to humans and possibly seen in certain circumstances 'ghosts' 'aliens' and whatnot, I think that would make logical sense. I'm very open minded because I've seen things that can't be explained, and I'm skeptical as all hell


@mr_omerta Various aspects of the “supernatural” have been found throughout history to be merely poorly explained and exaggerated natural occurrences and so forth, methane leaks being mistaken for ghosts, unusual diseases causing apparent supernatural deformities in people and animals and so on. The “supernatural”, in my opinion, is a mix of bogus myths and of things that are yet to be understood and so are dismissed as being more bogus rumors. What is actually “natural” isn’t always what is normal and sometimes we just need time to get a chance to observe stuff and to then get used to it being definitely real and then we just accept it and to us it’s no longer “supernatural”. As for god, for all intents and purposes he doesn’t appear to want us to observe him so, being all powerful, it would logically follow that proof is impossible. For say, the giant squid though, it took years but eventually they found enormous deep see squid and managed to actually film them, so that’s something we know exists and is no longer considered to be some sort of mythological beast. In such instances, if the subjects do indeed exist, then it’s just a matter of time.


Soren Kierkegaard saw no logical way to prove the existence of God or the supernatural, so he stated that it would take a leap of faith.

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