Too Dead For Me

Posting in response to the fucking republican party wanting to pass an amendment allowing adoption agencies to refuse gay and lesbian couples from adopting children. Absolutely disgusting, I hope their bigoted attempts fail ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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There comes a point when "protecting" minorities becomes tyranny, like attacking freedom of speech because it allows people to speak their mind, because it might offend someone OOOOH NOOO someone might be offended.

@undeadwirehead legality is a joke and that’s the most cowardly response I’ve heard. Discrimination based on sex,gender identity,sexuality and race is never justified nor should it be allowed. To sit back and watch some business do that and call that freedom is an insult to those who died and fought to gain rights

@johnnymorphine.v1 You can't see the difference between something being morally repulsive and something calling for legal action? Are you an idiot? And slavery is not comparable to this. Slavery is forceful.

@anarchist.punk @truelibertarian Do you honestly believe I support the discrimination? No. Of course we should fight it. But not ban it

@alphagraham999 It should be fought. But also legally allowed


@truelibertarian I couldn't have said it better

@truelibertarian why are you so quick to defend someone’s supposed right to discrimination rather than fight it


@anarchist.punk Donald Trump has said publicly that he opposes overturning gay marriage. With the exception of the issue of hard drugs he isn’t much of a social conservative, thankfully. The social conservatives who voted for Trump have been let down by him in regards to their desire for more governmental regulation on social issues.


@alphagraham999 I know. These turds are the same cowards who would’ve let slavery happen cuz “it’s their right” or been ok with segregationist bs cuz “it’s their right to discriminate”


Why can't both sides just mind their own business it's mind boggling how stupid the whole thing is

@alphagraham999 why ban it when you can fight it

If the adoption agency is not government run, you would not be an anarchist if you banned discrimination


@anarchist.punk its not slavery from you not getting a service


@texx010 I sure hope not but that seems a bit unrealistically optimistic about our society. Keep in mind that Donald Trump became president


@snek_vs_the_goberment It's slavery to have to not deny a capable couple the right to raise a child?


Such a constitutional amendment will never pass, not in today’s world.


@anarchist.punk wouldnt that decision infringe on their life? I mean, they're terrible people, but forcing them to do something is pretty much slavery. I can see how its blurry for adoption but other stuff its pretty clear.


It should be the child's choice tbh. If the child has a bad feeling, they shouldn't be forced to go with anyone.


@swyrmclryprvs not a decision that infringes on the lives of other people


I mean, as an anarchist, shouldn’t anyone be able to make any decision they want? Not saying that it shouldn’t be without resistance from sensible people


The fact that any human being of any sexuality is refused that right makes me sick to my stomach.


And the center right are ok with this cuz “they should be allowed to discriminate or not”

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