#Simi is fighting for bae on Twitter.
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@okafor1981 thank you so much. Perfect response dear. Trust me the reason they(celebrities) respond in such manners is because they think too highly of themselves. My opinion too


@anniesalis1 I swear to God almighty this is the best comment here


D dude is right, ain't we tired of hearing how much Adekunle suffered?


Last i checked, there is freedom of expression. If he says the songs sound thesame to him then that is his opinion which he is entitled to. There is no need getting worked up over the comment. The arist that is good is good. No need to loose sleep over a comment by an individual. People who know, know. I wish our celebrities will focus more on whats important and not on peoples comments on social media. I mean , whats the point responding when you know your worth. Just saying...


Real fact


Truth be told, his beats, sounds, lyrics and all sounds the same all the time.


@symplysimi MY love for you ehn😘😘😘😘


His not a fan, But can’t keep quiet πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ


@anniesalis1 abi ooo what's in Socco ???? Mtchewwwww


get your self a simi who will always fight for youπŸ‘πŸ‘




Whatever... Adekunle's songs still sounds better than your Fav's socco socco..




This is one of the best album I've bought in a long time, I have three already, I'll still buy. Kids adekunle



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