cami arboles 🌱

it might be mid-July still, BUT school is fast-approaching which means that i am already getting really way too excited to decorate my room for next year... and i also miss my living space last year so much!! tbh it truly did not always look like this because #college but i tried my damn hardest. seriously—when you have a crazy, stressful, busy day, the BEST thing to come home to is a clean + energizing space with pillows and things that smell good (i.e. @sajewellness essential oils) and stationery and plants. having this space made yale feel like home to me #yale #dormroom #college #spicy

143 Yale University



@sajewellness love your products so much!


@liana__wang omg hell yes!!!! will keep the content coming....u gotta tell me your decor ideas too girl!!


i am also so excited to decorate please share more ideas bb!!


@mr_trees 0% chance that i allow such a scathing comment on my page which identifies only as “positive” and “wholesome”


@camiarboles 0% chance your room is actually that clean


Very beautiful creativity 😍


We’re glad we could make your dorm room feel a little more spa-like, Cami! 🌿

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