It’s The Monday! Trying to sleep it off with my sister Betty, but I’m also dreaming of @hermiajesty’s #mias1stbirthdaygiveaway! She’s turning 1 on August 1st! Go check it out my sweet furriends! My mom wants you to check out my cute back legs! ❤️ I hope everyone has a great day!
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179 Catnap Inn



Those little legs really are super cute - how do you sleep all curled like that?! I always stretch out as far as pawsible! ~ ShiShi💚💛💖💕❤💗💜


@fefedearest he loves his Betty 💙😻🐾💙


😍Cuties. Happy Monday. Love the back feet on Casper and love that he is laying with Betty.💙💙


@catsinthepocket thank you my loves! Happy Monday! 🌸💖😻💕


Aww! Such sweet back legs. Happy Monday darlings. 💖😻💖😻💖




@hermiajesty thanks love! 🎉❤️😻😽💕


Sooo cute!! Thanks for entering my giveaway! 😽💕


@collettesutton you too my dear! 😻❤️😽💙😘🧡💕💓🐾💜💚😺😊🤗🌺💛💖🌸☺️


@0liverandc0mpany thank you dear! ❤️😻😽😘


Have a lovely day sweeties😍😘🧡💛💚💋💕🐾💝💞💟🥀💮💟💮🌼🌼🌸🐾🐾🌸🌸🌸🌼😅💕💕😅🌺💝💟🌺💝🌺💝🌸🌸💝💝💞💝🌸💚💛🧡😘😍🐾😅😺😺😺


Lol great pawsition 😹😹😹


Lovely little back legs! 💝😻💝


@dayinthelifeofcasper I'm gonna tell my momma to get me one too!Thank you!!❤️👍💯


@tiamiawho thank you sweetheart! I got it from @littlewolfdesign. 😻 Happy sleepy Monday furriends! ❤️💕


Lovin ' that kitty blanket! Have a great sleepy Monday, sweeties! ❤️

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