Hello! 👋 I do Digital pet portraits for $15.00 Per Pet! 🐶 I think you'de look really good in one of my portraits! Check it out! 🐾⚡


Beautiful 😍😍


Hi Gibbs, we R the 11 Yorkies from Ohio and it’s pawsome to meet u 🤗🐾


Let's go for a ride!!


Hahaha! So adorable Gibbs! ❤️🐾❤️


Are you riding shotgun Gibbs? Hope you’re going to the pet shop or dog park! 💙


Gibbs you can drive now?😆❤️😂


Love your name!!


Can we come for a ride ?


Haha go get it little buddy 😹


Car rides are the best!!


Looking happy Gibbs😊💗




Betcha you are a great driver too 💜


This is great! 😂


Such a cute pup!


Take me for a ride😍😍😍😍


Look at you driving the Nissan


Oh you driving?😋🙊


Have fun!! Hope nobody is going to ask for a driving license...


I don’t know if you’ll be the best driver 😂😻😂


Enjoy your ride and have a great day cutie pie 💕


Awe, I like to change song words too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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