Nicole Marie

It’s been a minute since I’ve consistently looked into this mirror. I took a little hiatus from the gym - slept a lot, ate what I want, and because of it feeling a little more jiggly than usual. I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things, but it’s definitely been hard for me. I would go for a day or two and then make an excuse to not go the next. “There’s always tomorrow...” <- my favorite one. But this last week I have gone every day either before or after work. And I’m feeling good. I have more energy. Im smiling more. Sleeping better. It all makes sense. I’m back, baby. Let’s do this ⏳💪🏼 #fitnessjourney #girlonamission #planetfitness #hourglassfigure #watchmework #falldown7getup8




Keep up the great work

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