Photo by @georginaryland
“I love the idea of art moving and breathing,” says 23-year-old makeup artist Georgina Ryland (@georginaryland). “It doesn’t just sit on the wall — it lives.”
Georgina began playing around with makeup at the end of high school, then studied at the Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup, where she learned to work with prosthetics, historical makeup and facial hair — it’s also where she started experimenting with her own body art. “I use skin-safe face and body paints, as well as regular makeup like eyeshadows, eyeliners, pigments and lipsticks,” she says. “It takes about six to eight hours to paint a scene on myself, and cleaning it off takes roughly 30 seconds in the shower! It can be a bit sad to see one I am particularly fond of go, but then I can always try a new one.”
Head over to our story to see some of Georgina’s favorite body art pieces come to life. 🎨

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