Military Troops

Never F*cking Quit!




When u walk to hom with a lot of hw


@cristobal.magnata @bboy_isaktron quien creen ustedes que es ? 🤔


@reaperx2x2 this is British parachute regiment training, I was in this platoon 😂


@maverik.serious no offence but someone who declares on Instagram that he's hoping to join special forces clearly doesn't understand the whole point and mandate of special forces.


@pt2_01_raw damn your regulars like to drag their equipment on the floor?


@anakin1851 an elusive beer? I'll keep that in mind when I join special forces


He's about to get yelled at


@bertwilshausz @marinpavic ouwe tijden 🙌🏼geef nooit op


@jamiequinn06 I’m used to it shur 🙄


@jamesdavistrag that’ll be @daveydric25 on his recce course. You’ll end up getting caught for him again 🙄🙄


Is it weird that I get the song "We Are The Champions" stuck in my head when I see this?


لشکر شکست خورده


@pasqual_a ça c était nous le lendemain de la marche des 40kil quand on a mis toute notre tenu NBC 😆


@pt2_01_raw it could be reservists or regulars. No way to know.
This is just a standard CBRN ex


@g_garcia_ aí é barro kkkkk




What happened to him?


@zhiren.chai it's Regs. Not Commando or SAS. This is our Regulars.


@reaperx2x2 your talking out your arse, it's a CBRN exercise 🤣


@jeremy_frti après 4 sauts mdr


@bravopapa43 you reach this point yet?


@reaperx2x2 it really isn’t. This is generic infantry training, probably an exercise to simulate loaded marches with CBRN gear. Note the gas masks.


@reaperx2x2 you’d get kicked off selection in a heartbeat for carrying yourself like that


@yinondavid @itamarlugasi תמיד יש אחד כזה 😂😂 נפטרתי פה!!

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