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Going home again? Josh Lucas said he wants a #SweetHomeAlabama sequel and he’s “reached out” to Reese Witherspoon about it! Tap the link in our bio for the details!




@juliesaidnope love it if it happens we're going to see it!!


@chrissyungur I’m go get me a husband! 😍😍best movie ever!


@s.s.riley yeah mom told me about it


@tammysueee dear god I hope not


@olaayoub87 omg I just saw this!!! Please god!!!


@goldallinmycheyne I saw this! One of my all time faves!!!😍




@karliehill yasssss 🙌🏼


@michael_haugen if this is true I am forcing you to watch


Yes please!!!!


@puddinjc sigh...😔 love you ❤️


@draperya best news ever


Love love love this movie, one of my favorites.


@chelle_bradley omg!!! I hope they doo!

@caitlinnnkellyyy I would cry and then cry some more


@tkayem99 YES! I still want that quote in my house. Lol


Oh yess!!


My favorite movie of all times!! I watch it over and over again ❤️


Yes please!


@countrybrookes I am so excited!!


@esther_declerck do not even play w me rn I have to guard my heart


@anw12190 omg I’m just seeing this!!!! My favorite!!!!


Yes please!


Yes please!!! Do it


Yes please


Yes yes yes!!!! I absolutely love #sweethomealabama!!!


@lgt10 dreams do come true.

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