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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are coming to America🇺🇸👑 In this week’s issue of Us we have exclusive details on the royal couple’s first official tour of Meghan’s homeland, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom moving to London for love and Matt Lauer’s divorce.




Hopefully going back home to America visiting her dad would be also on her list atleast people will respect her as she needs to respect her own father that whatever happens we came born into these world from both parent😚


@user__11111 Her family’s behavior says a lot about why she distanced herself. They have no tact or respect.


50million $$$$ sorry all I saw was dollar signs. Lucky bishhh


@cpino15 I’ll be there 😂


Her Father should be the number 1 on the list if not, I feel sorry for their kids as she can dismiss family so easy... SHOW SOME CHARACTER


@katieegsays 💕💕💕💕


@asliceofgingie they’re coming to see my beautiful piece of pottery!!!


@vivoensuenos who she think she is? Chelsea Clinton?


@nicoledamico omg absolutely hopefully it’s NYC !!!!!


@luis__015 Fitty million dollars?!


@gabrielledykeman should we go wherever they go ?!


Yay yay !!!!!


@fallonjoness ordering a tent as we speak




CATCH ME CAMPING @fallonjoness




Coming home Meghan ❤️


@prince_harry_ophangae_home is this true? Why didn’t you tell me?


@ksmyth12 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hopefully she will have a bit of respect for her father and go and see him.


@missmccallyall I’ve got my car keys at the ready!


@stephanie_dia_ man, you can tell you're senior citizen when you feel the need to type this !!!! After every sentence.. sweetie you need to hate less, it's starting to show in your face..


@bloyd03 So when do we get to meet them?


@deelaud omg this is so exciting


@kat_farese follow them around the country? Yes.


@ktcolley so you’re sayin there’s a chance!!!

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