Kaye Matriano Villar

This guy left home with 50 euros, circled the globe, found God & wrote a book about it. During his stay in Asia, he found himself in Tacloban where he met my parents. My mom told me she had a new adopted son and months after I received a message from Christopher asking if we could meet in Manila. Since then, we’ve only ever seen each other thrice (once was during my wedding day!) and yet the roots of our friendship go deep. Despite the many seas that separate, we thank God for people we can call family.

148 Singapore



I remember this! Such a crazy amazing story!! 🙏🏼✨


@kimvelasco21 love you and YOURS too!


Awwww!! Love you and your family 💕


@cammmodesto i miss her and @lydiagonabong too! ❤️ We are family forever!


💛 Aww love this. (Missing you and the whole family!!! Tita Jane is the best hehe tell her hi from meeee 😭)

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