Kim Gowetor ND

Do you always listen to the quiet urgings of your soul? That gentle voice in the back of your mind that says “hey, you need to go do ___ or you need to try ___ or take care of ___ or let go of ___.” It’s so easy to put off listening to that voice or worse yet to not even hear it. But it always knows what is best for you and when you don’t listen to it, you suffer!
What are you putting off that your intuition is telling you to take care of? I have done this more times than I can count. I was so well versed at ignoring my needs that I figured I could just keep going never having to stop and hear the messages I was getting to support me in being my best self. Now I clearly hear the messages in my mind to go do ___ to take care of myself (like see my Chiro, get a massage, journal about my feelings, back up my computer, have a difficult conversation or let go of something that no longer fits into my life, etc, etc) and if I listened to the message I would totally avoid needless suffering but I will sometimes ignore it or put it off until I can’t put it off anymore. Often once it’s starting to affect me on a daily basis somehow or something will break down and then I have to do damage control.
Why do I do this? Because taking care of my own needs is a learned behaviour that I never really learned. I didn’t know how to put my needs first but if you want good health you have to make it a top priority. When I do make it a top priority I can function at a much higher level, accomplishing so much more and being of even greater service to others. The more times I go through this process the more I recognize that it really just hurts me to ignore that quiet voice urging me to take care of myself or something in my life. It does me absolutely no good to question the message!
What quiet messages might you be ignoring or questioning that if you listened to you’d be so much better off from? If you need help getting in touch with that quiet inner voice, let me know. I can help.

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@virginiamasse sounds awesome 👏


This is exactly where I am at these days; quiet contemplation & inner reflection! It is soothing

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