National Geographic Your Shot

The Rhythm of Mood | Photograph by Denis Zastanceanu (@denixoid)
“I really want to go to Barmsee Lake in Germany again in the near future, and try and experience something new,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Denis Zastanceanu. “I wish I could upload a time lapse video of this sunset :)”

“Wow. I agree with Your Shot photographer Janet Ellison who commented, "So incredibly beautiful, Denis! Everything about it — colors, reflections, lighting, mist. Captured absolutely perfectly! :)" What an absolutely breathtaking sunrise. You are right, this moment would have definitely made for an excellent time lapse video. However no worries, because this frame is absolutely gorgeous. Well done.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)
This photo was submitted to our “I Want to Go There…” assignment, curated by David Y. Lee. To participate, go to the link in our profile.




Absolutely stunning photograph!! 😍😁


@jackson_sams thank you, Jackson, means a lot to me!




Great job! Getting a picture with colors like those and good composition takes a lot of talent and hard work! @denixoid


✨ Good picture!


Magical view ❤️


Super landscape...

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Beautiful. Beautiful




Very nice photo ❤️📸 well captured 👍. If you want to check our recent photos we’ll be very thankful 🙏. Of course give your opinion, good or bad 🤗. If you like travelling and sharing new experiences and skills send DM 📩 or Tag us please. we will be very happy if you can share any new experiences 😇😍






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Too good🔥


Grt click 🔥🔥


Wonderful capture :) Have a great day!






Beautiful shot!!😍


Incredibly beautiful 💚👏💙




@denixoid You are welcome. Keep up the great work. Happy birthday.


National Geographic Your Shot


just surreal colours and lighting!! symetry with sparkle of mystery... 😍


@sina_h421 ab dar kuze o to gerd e jahan migardi badbaxt?! 😂





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