Very inspiring! Love your style and your country. Canβ€˜t wait to be there ;)


@cberounsky abonne toi immediatement c ouf ce qu il fait


Bellissimo scorcio di tetti e tegole ..precisamente da voi pagode??


@joshmartin1193 no idea. but he's usually based in the tokyo area, so I was surprised to see Oita!


love this shot


@rikichiba been thinking of one for years but not sure I can justify the $$$ yet


πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» really good shots πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


@lachyjf you thinking about a Japan trip mate?


So lovely place ❀


@naokidoki These are actually really nice pics of what looks like Yufu, Oita, and Beppu? I wonder if he has any photos from 久住連山 ☺️




@koffgokhan gidelim mi?


nice photoπŸ‘


GOAT photographer




Nice atmosphere !




The one with the two ladies with red umbrellas is very good


Lovely cats 😊


These are amazing


Great shot all around! Thank you for sharing.




@joshmartin1193 this guy has nice pics of Oita


That fourth picture tho ⚠️


Incredible! I have never been to Japan yet...still on my bucket list.


Toujours aussi jolies vos photos !


Interesting tone...


@china_kevin muita saudade jΓ‘? πŸ˜…


cat on point haha


Beautiful ❣️😍


Amazing 😍😍😍


These photos are incredible!


Fantastic shot


Makes we want to drop everything and fly there now 😻😻!!!

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