“They are white dogs, I promise.. 😬” writes @bergerblancbeauty




Somebody had fun!


dogsofinstagram sooo beautiful 💞


Having a little fun I see....🐕


i bet they had fun getting this dirty ! haha !


My boyfriend

Nice one! ☝️☝️☝️


@theycallmereptar lol, don’t do that!


@jannahofstede !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ik zie dat je deze pagina nog niet volgt!!!! @sammerdesam


Awwwww ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ This is so adorable 😍 😍 😍








They really need a bath😊what have they been up to playing in muddy puddles😍


So precious




Yep White Muddy Dogs 👍 😆 🤣


@squeak1316 this is a good insta to follow x


Too adorable




@mcnewbie 😍😍😍. Kisande valp


@karin_treblom när höstregnet väl kommer. 🤣. Jag har ju en vitis också numer.

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