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Photograph by @PaulNicklen // Spending time in the company of bears is one of the greatest gifts of all. When I am photographing bears I always watch their body language. I want bears to be relaxed in my presence and to behave as though I am not there. This bear did just that and surprised me by carefully and methodically balancing a snowball on top of its head. #FollowMe on @PaulNicklen to see this same bear curl up and fall asleep with this block of ice, holding it like a teddy bear. #PolarBear #Love #Nature #Bear




@jennamaria87 that’s a good question I don’t know the answer to haha, prob cause of heating


Me recordo a mi


@frandelpriore viste cuando te agarra la pachorra, bueno asi JAJAJAJAJAJ


just "chillin" 🤪


just "chillin" 🤪


@halovatereza hihihihihihi, tobe to ale slusi medo :* :)))))


احب الطبيعة والحيوانات 💝💝💝💝💝روعة 😍😍😍


He looks so much nicer than he probably is 😅


@nannalc han/hun er god. Letter på hatten jo






@badge88 here’s one of the pictures!


@davidmbonde en isbjørn der mestrer posering ❤️


Beautiful photo!!!




@djschoenf that’s a picture that makes me go “wow”


@marghebelle siiiii😍😍😍




@emmaree18 “spending time with bears is one one of the greatest gifts of all” 🧐 hmm....


@ohrizzle ahhh so true

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