Who wins in a 3v3?🤔🤫🔥




Anthony davis wins 💪💪💪💪


Wtf are those teams?😂😂😂


In their primes BULLS clean sweep




That bette be rookie rose


@dylanclements23 K? And they don't have a center.


Sooo, who's guarding Mourning? Lmao


Top easily


Top three


bulls assrape heat


@2good2btru1978 no d Rose was way better


We don’t have a center tho


Quien diga que gana Miami es loco, Jordan es el mejor de todos los tiempos acompañado de un Robin disfrazado de Pippen y a un Rose mvp


Bulls for sure


Chicago ez


I think Miami but probably the that start with the ball


Replace Rose with Noah


💥 💥 💥


Bulls they have great defense rebounding scorer and playmaking

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