I always say I have one boss... the world 🌍
My philosophy has always been (and will always be), to do everything I possibly can to ALWAYS make sure the audience is satisfied.
If you go home happy, then I’ve done my job.
#AudienceFirstPhilosophy #1Boss #Worldwide 🌎




The audience wants you in a @marvelstudios film. 😉


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read pls my message 😢


you have done your job sir.😎 I'm happy.😀 hello from Kyrgyzstan🇰🇬


That's nice. Nice philosophy




@cloutfiant who the F is D.johnson??? ITS DOENST MATTER WHO YOU R..! you dare said like that ... IN FRONT OF THE MILLIONSS~~!!!


Doing a great job Dwayne 😁 keep it Rocking it! 🤘😎😈🤘


I love you the rockkkkkk😭😭😭


Congratulations and you are our biggest inspiration. We love you


What we want? I think a remake of #captinron where you play the captain and Kevin Hart playes the dad, instant classic.


@natefieldswriter that's Forbes quoting him lad


شمااااا عااااااالی هستید


That music tho!!! What is it?


I phonat james bond


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