Joseph Hyde

Took this last night from the front yard. Crazy fire 🔥 this is the picket creek and Taylor creek fire. This is a horribly step and rough terrain area. So many fire crews,choppers, planes ✈️ fighting this one. They have a lot of hard work ahead of them. Logged and hunted this area for most of my life. Wish you all a safe return home to your families. Thank you. #southernoregon #morethantrees #wildfires #firstresponders #firefighters #keeporegongreen #lightningstrike #followmee #safetyfirst #herestoyourjourney #safereturnhome




It’s going to be a tough one, for sure.


@dingyblond1 yes it’s bad. We drove out last night it’s a ruff area. Those crews have their work cut out for them.


I saw that view too! My heart is broken 🔥🌲


@plhcharity always try my friend. These guys are working so hard. We have a lot of great people we know out on the fires. Just wish we could do more for them out on the lines. We stopped a few crews yesterday on their way back to camp so they could eat and get some rest. Thanked them most of them were completely shocked but great full we said thank you.


@_thebabewiththepower_ when you drive up to the road closer area it’s horrible.


Wow that is scary looking!

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