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Photo by @amivitale | Panda keeper Liu Juan looks after young panda cubs in the incubator room at the Bifengxia Giant panda base in Sichuan province, China. Chinese scientists and their international counterparts cracked the puzzle of successfully breeding pandas in captivity after decades of disappointment. They are now on their way to successfully saving their most famous ambassador and in the process putting the wild back into an icon.

I have recently published my new book, Panda Love, featuring my long-term panda work made on assignment for National Geographic. See more on my feed @amivitale.

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@lkimhill74280 I'm not defending my country ok? I'm defending myself and many other Chinese animal lovers! You wrote Chinese! Not every Chinese treat animals badly! Wondering you have ever been to China yourself. Don't act like there are no animal abusers in your country, I suggest you start with solving your own problems first. And pls pls next time you comment don't be such narrow-minded!


@liao_jing0921 and being defensive of your country does not make it less horrific.




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