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Yo wtf Is that Boruto 😂
Favorite clips from Ep. 65🔥
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@yd_kash bruh he’s 12 yrs old ,even if he’s weakened pretty sure it wouldn’t take much to kill boruto


@sanjuanasebuche it’s a joke, I even said*sarcasm* at the end of it


@eli_29_man are u dumb there already is an anime about Naruto


@_lil.30 Naruto has a horn thinking that having one to will make him more powerful


@danielb1616 plus I was already weak from what naruto and sasuke did


@danielb1616 he used naruto powers to do so


What is wrong with Narutos hair


hahahahahahah. 12 yr old kills a kaguya lvl threat , just how desperate are they to make him surpas naruto and sasuke




@liquiz_yt thank you 🙏


@eli_29_man but who would watch it?


Someone who hasn't watched the episode yet explain why Naruto has a horn....


Boruto is gay still


Dude they should make an anime about Boruto’s Dad, he strong AF.


this episode was sooo awesome


Lol wtf is that horn and what is boruto pointing at


Its the rasengan 😂😂


I like how Naruto & Saskue are best friends


😍😍😍😍boruto freaky af😩😍🤤

I post the same picture of Naruto everyday


Rasengan to the nuts 🤣🤣🤣


Can we just acknowledge the fact that Naruto base form was actually holding his own against this same Momoshiki


He gave him a blue ball.


Best episode so far








@light_elias yeah, the creator just made it useless since he got 3 rinnegan (1 absorb 1 reflect and 1 nothing 😂) but sure 65 animation and fight scene is the best i see on Naruto-boruto series


Still so confused how Boruto stored that rasengan then whipped it out last moment!!! 🤔 That's not a ordinary thing

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