MEGAN Holistic Health Coach/PT

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best policy!
I am all for trying out new recipes but when you first start your health and wellness journey I know how overwhelming, time consuming and expensive it can be to add so many healthy ingredients and make it look #instagramworthy
Sometimes we just have to obey the KISS rule🤔
Dont make living a healthy lifestyle any harder than it has to be! Sometimes sticking to basic ingredients can help you stay on track AND will give you more time and energy to do other things you enjoy!
And who knows with time you may find yourself enjoying making complicated meals/ intriguing meals!




That's why I love the frying pan! You can throw in just about anything


@tabithahemery right! But I honestly love those things!


Omg my diet is so simple 🙈 people always ask what I feel but I feel like they’ll be disappointed cause it’s mostly smoothies, salads, and avocado toast 😂


@scottiedraper I hear ya! But your food looks amazing! Even tho it is simple so it's the best of both worlds!!!


So true! I feel like I should be one of those cool vegans making homemade nut cheeses and rainbow smoothie bowls and trying new recipes every day but that’s just not me! But I’ve accepted it and just embrace my not as cool looking food 😝

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