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As you wait in the art and sculpture crammed waiting room of the iconic Geoffrey Bawa House No 11, along with architecture students and enthusiasts from across the world, you think back to booking your appointment with the Geoffrey Bawa Trust weeks in advance and waiting for the mail granting you permission to see it.
As crammed as the waiting room is with Art, the interiors are as pared down and intentional. Every line, pillar, furniure, drape and fabric well curated forming a cohesive minimal whole. Light, form and space are in content communion. Experiencing Bawa's brand of "Tropical Modernism" was one of the central reasons to visit Srilanka.

Internet reviews warned us about the stern custodians of the place, so we were mentally prepared, only to be met with an earnest albeit over protective lady, who shared the trials of what went into the upkeep of a space like this - eg its pristine white floors among other things :) #Geoffreybawahouse11 #Geoffreybawa #architecture #Minimaism #TropicalModernism #knollfurniture #interestinghomes #Srianka #travel #travelstories #decor #design #love #interiorlovers #interiorsforyou #interiordetails #interiorsandhome #artnlighttravels #interior123 #iconichomes #homeangarden #designblog #decorblog

183 Geoffrey Bawa House-No 11



@vineeta.artnlight I love Mazumdar's work.. It's my pleasure to share this ..And your pictures take me back to my trip😍😍


@deepakrish2012 - thank you for sharing this with me 💛 I remember this style of work on bedsheets from the mid 80s early 90s. Did not know about Riten Mazumdar's work. Priceless to know.


Luv his work.


😍😍😍. Bawa loved Riten Mazumdar's work and used to procure bedsheets that Riten designed for Fabindia . I hope Fabindia reproduces them again..



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