M.C. Carpentry

Taking advantage of a Sunday to work on some remodeling projects at my own house. Installing some new fire place mantels that will be distressed. I’m constantly scanning hardware stores that might offer a tool or something I can use in a weird way for a different kind of distressing look. This is some kind of wood carving slash ice sculpting attachment that looks like a damn chainsaw blade. This thing is violent! It takes a lot to make me nervous with a power tool, I even cut the yard barefoot. This removes material fast!




Really awesome job - keep up the very hard work! 😄...


@trimcorp One of those items not used everyday trimming. I had I wire brush attachment grab a loose fitting sweatshirt and bruise up a rib once. I think that is what makes me nervous with it. Running it the wrong direction is like “climb cutting” with a large router bit.


Wow, that’s intense! 👊🏼


Love it! 🤙🏼


@jmkwoodworksinc It’s a beast when u come straight in on edge at the wood. I should have put the guard back on but most my guards are in the trash. I’ll have to send u a pic of another attachment I picked up as well. Runs circles around grinding disks. And Sol is the shit!


That looks like it could do the job. Maybe even a grinding disc... nice choice of beer as well. Sol is some good stuff.


Bahahaha nice. But remember after those 9 beers no power tools were involved. Got to tell ya been soo busy cant even find time to post stuff. But i will soon. Like your stuff buddy


@blackshpwrkshp It might be easier in the morning on the second mantel. I was 9 beers deep on the first one! Good to hear from u! I haven’t seen anything from u in a while


Thats THE right attachment buddy. LOVE IT.

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