Looks otherworldly! Great job so far


Is this flamed maple?! Its gorgeous!


Santa Barbara mountain range from 30,000ft


That is so beautiful the love of playing with the wood and the grain texture and look is what got me into woodworking! Nothing like that first coat of sealant!!


for me it's small art definition of desert how it's look..very good job👍👍👌👌


Magic 👌🏻


Part of heaven


Or topo map of dessert


Over cooked tortilla!


Looks like bread


Looks like a giant piece of bread 🥖 but maybe cause I’m hungry


Far out.


Is that plum wood?


Looks like a mountain range.


Beautiful flaming!


Gorgeous, looks 3 dimensional...was it buried in peat? Looks mineralized, so LUMINOUS!

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