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My Art Exhibit is Now Open at Pinball Gallery in Malvern, PA. As part of our celebrations, @pinstadium it’s giving 10% off to all my followers with the Promo Code: Pinballphotos. Go right now to and get your discount! | “The Collector’s Choice in Premium Pinball Lighting”
Welcome to the future of lighting for your pinball machine. Pin Stadium light’s patent-pending design brightens the entire playfield and adds dramatic flasher effects to your pinball machine. They provide seamless integration for your pinball machine while maintaining that factory look all with an easy install time of about 15 minutes or less. Your game no longer needs to be left in the dark and these work on any pinball machine thanks to our quality engineered game specific kits. Whether you are a purist wanting a little more natural looking light or a modder wanting to blow away everyone that plays your game. You dial them in with the app to exactly what you want. Our custom design and Pin Stadium specific LED PCB boards and chips are exactly what you need!

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