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Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto - The snow covered Pamir Mountains loom over travelers on the road from Kashgar to Pakistan. The journey is a slow one, as men ride donkeys while leading camels loaded with freshly cut hay.
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Cuando será que el se humano tendrá compasión de los seres indefensos que sienten igual a nosotros? 💔💔




@paulagluzman @gabbywildnerg jajajaja acabo de ver esto. Lo que les mostré es ciencia


@nzara95 hehe I was half kidding because I know this region is dangerous. But, we’ll find similar views! Can’t wait! ♥️


@bajgrylls loll I don’t really know where that is but we can look into it!


Photograph 😎




I mean...why not? At this rate let’s just take a year off and go everywhere...riding donkeys isn’t too far outta the norm anyway 😁


@llrod213 I own three horses so yeah 🤔 it’s a camel. It has the physical strength to carry hay. Big shock there


@_sophie.angles_ have you picked up and carried a bale of hay?


@llrod213 it’s hay, it isn’t that heavy, and it’s these people’s way of life


Interesting picture I like it


That appropriate 👁


@alaannewells amigo si miras bien los caballos te das cuenta que van cansados y los camellos van de pepa alucinando a pleno


@wittywinner wkwkkwkwkwkkk.. kita pigi keduanya kooo 😆😆😆🤣


@samwhutch betta believe it


Those poor animals😢This is abuse


They look like a camel


Beautiful pic


light load


Chocobos exist!!!




@ra_hoo mau pigi yg mana nih? Beda benua loo

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