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{Competition Day}
And that’s a wrap! We’ve had a full on day for team Donut Barbell today - all of our lifters did amazing at the South Wales Cup. I reffed & Jake was on numbers today! Here are the scores on the doors:
Tara @tara_dominique_ : PB all 3 lifts & total!
Claire @figureoutfatloss : PB squat, deadlift & total at 5kg’s lighter than last competition!
Vikki @victoriajennifer_ : PB squat (140!) & total
John @burlyoldbear : PB squat, deadlift & total
Corey @corey__plummer : PB... everything. ======================================
Jake & I place a large focus on mindset on competition days. We use positive language like “I will” (instead of I’ll try) and “when” (instead of if I). It’s been a powerful tool we’ve employed in our competitions and it’s great to be able to pass it on to our lifters, helping to make a positive and enjoyable meet day. ======================================
Of course, they put a lot of hard work in before hand as well!
Well done guys, we’re proud of you!
Coach Sab
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That's the hammer! Keep smashing it! 💪💪...


Am I really that small in real life?


Thanks Jake! Keep those killer programs coming and the PB's will just keep piling up for all of us! Great day!


Great post! check out @ onefitnessnation for shoutouts!


Got them biscuits boysss

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