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Share one thing that you have learned about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that you try your best to apply in your daily life ⬇️ ⠀

from: @abdulnasirjangda




@imane.iv bueno...😂


@04hasna97 respect teachers


@thevapeconnoisseur Walaikum Assalam. Sure 😊


Do you mind if I repost this with credit? 😄 السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‬‎


His haddeths... I remember the simplified version of a lot of them. Alhamdulillah I have lived up to them


Smile. It's charity.


Thanks for sharing this advices. May Allah always bless you..


Thanks for info 😘


I am trying my best to control my angry and speak softly with everyone..!!


@imaanshop This is really good advice. Thank you for sharing 🙌🏽


What about respecting husband 🤔


@claudia_c.aj but all of these I try my best to practice always, inshaAllah!


Trying my best to have more Tawakkul! I’m the type of person who has a need to be in control and this past year has proven I have no control, and I must trust Allah s.w.t and because only He knows what’s best for us all!


@imaanshop Alhamdulillah Allah is with you and ever forgiving


@pankhudi_3 I believe you! 😊❤️


@hudalovesallah I like that: a reminder that I don’t want my name come up negatively when I’m not around. And sister I have way too many weaknesses. Trying to work on them 😔


Thanks for this it will help a lot of people


Remembering Tawakkul, Sabr, Strength and Perseverance in the dark times


I've learned many things from these golden words of our prophet... But I try 3 of them my best to apply in my life. 1-respecting 3 people. 2-save myself from backbiting and jealousy. 3-and I remember favor (others helping me)


@imaanshop maybe you don't believe but each and every word you've said here is my thinking also and yeah I do that sometimes. 😇


@imaanshop yassss you’re not alone!! Thanks for sharing your weaknesses so that others know it’s not just them and that we are all strong and can over come. I just remind myself that i wouldn’t want my name brought up when I’m not around so I try not to being other people up when they aren’t. Salam sister


@aliya.azim.1 Ma sha Allah that’s awesome! Once you get into the routine and make it your # 1 daily priority, you’ll feel weird if you miss prayers. Salah becomes part of you. 💕


@mahboobasultana ❤️❤️❤️


I m trying to offer namaz daily


I’ve been trying my best to stop gossip/backbite. If someone I’m speaking to is talking about someone else negatively, I try to change the subject or say, “Let’s not talk about that.” And then change the subject.

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