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Photo by @yamashitaphoto (Michael Yamashita) // #sponsored by @intel // The Great Wall at dawn from atop Juyongguan Pass. I climbed for an hour before sunrise to be in position to photograph as the sun peaked over the horizon, warming the Wall with its yellow cast of light. This Wall is often the first place outside Beijing that tourists visit and is usually the highlight and most memorable part of everyone’s trip to China. The peacefulness of this photograph belies its turbulent early history. Dating back to the 15th century the wall was one of the most strategic and heavily fortified structures due to its proximity to Beijing. // The Great Wall of China is a monument to years of culture and one of the world’s greatest feats of engineering. See today’s story to discover how @Intel is launching a new approach using artificial intelligence and drones to preserve its legacy.




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@mr_huddle ach, da war ja "das Problem" 😂😂😂


@x.tina83 boah weisst du wie weit wir da fliegen müssen? 😅


@mr_huddle das würden 'Schritte' geben... aber wenn nimmst du mich mit 😂


TOP! 👍


Tabi bizim korkumuzdan ördüler güzel olmuş🇦🇿🇰🇿🇵🇰🇹🇷🇹🇲🇺🇿


Como Amoooooo essa novela ! Ahhhhhh


Bella passeggiata


What a view Good shot taken


I so want to walk this wall,and I will




@escuderoerii Vieja y si nos vamos a este lugar?? Q decís. Esta cerquita como de acá a Dorila jaja 😂😂


@sweetchildalice Pero de que cojones vas tú diciendole a mi madre que no tengo huevos a pararme a hablar con tu padre hija de puta? Se supone que tengo que pararme a hablar porque me gritan gilipollas desde un coche? Y tú en el asiento de atrás sin decir nada puta cobarde, que llevas todo este tiempo refugiandote con tu papi defendiendote porque no sabes ni decir las cosas a la cara ni solucionar tus putos problemas. Y ahora vienes a tocarme a mí las pelotas con que no tengo huevos a hablar cuando todo esto fue precisamente porque queria hablar contigo en persona? Jaja Corre a contarle esto tb zorra de mierda


Wonderful man made structure


Excellent 😍😍


Been there!


I always wanted to go and see it for myself ✌


So cool! Awesome stuff @intel


@matipizmeny jajajaja 😓😓


@candeplanas igual no hablaba de la muralla sino del paisajon de atras jaja


@matipizmeny es un lugar que no me llama la atencion ajjaaj


Is that the Great Wall of china


@ahahahakan bekle bizi ameriga sırada sen varsın size de ameriga seddi çektirecezzz


@ruhidirben göt korkusu nelere kadir


@ahahahakan ben baktım uzaydan çıplak gözle göremedim yalan 😏




So beautiful 👋

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