Hamilton Evans

Ahhh. Miss my number 1 Frenchie so much. ❤️
Can’t wait to dance with you again soon @jerkyjessy 😘
Thank you for the challenging to this epic throwback by @ciara 👏🏽
Filmed by: @kev_itou 🎥
Location: @artmosphereprod 📍
#jerkyjessechoreo #dwp #artmosphere #dance #paris #france #ciara #getup #stepupsoundtrack #throwback

4,353 Pleyel City Beast



LOVE the specs lovely 💕


@leasalmontagne faut que je t'apprenne un pas


Best bodysuits in amazon


You are from another planet


@jerkyjessy vous assurez graaaave !🎉😍




I like thiz


Whaaaaaat! This is what I live for yesss


😘😘😘😘😘Me encanta como bailas eres el mejor.




I love the way you dance




Lov this song!!!🔥


OMG! You are amazing ♥️🔥


That choreo 🔥🔥 😍


favs favs favs


Che angeli del ballo 😍😍siete meravigliosi😘😘


Loved this!!




It was sooo cool😍


Aww Hami yes ! ❤️ Can’t wait to dance with you again too 😘😘😘




You’re amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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