Beautiful view


Интересное место съемки 👍


I love @samhorine I think you will like him @im_toby_james




Love this shot of the Golden Gate. I definitely left my ❤️in SF...




Nice one


Amazing photo


@law003 gorgeous! Great times!


Classy on the classic 🙌🏻


Nice I want to go there


Stunning. So clear. How did you manage to avoid the fog??


Loving these colours 🔥




@natescruceria 😢☁️🌬


@slammyd same view we had 😂


Awesome shot! Mind if I put it on my feed and give you photo credit? Please let me know.


@veronica With all due respect, I don’t like photos because they are beautiful, pretty, or “creative.” I like photos that are honest and have stories beyond the obvious. This photo shows the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, but we have seen beautiful bridge shots before and do we really need another? I like this shot because it has a story beyond the obvious. For anyone who has been to SF and wandered through the park, those exposed roots and trod roots speak to the myriad of people who have passed here and stopped here, some for beautiful reasons and some for dark purposes. My comment arose from that area of the photo, because that is the story that this photo relates that interests me. It was an honest comment to an honest photo. It’s not a political dig, it’s not a comment on SF, it’s an observation of our society in general. And, our society is a complex story of beauty and ugliness. I want to see photos that are honest to both ends. I spoke honestly to what came to mind, it’s not the only thing, but it was the place where the photo took me and what, to me, makes this photo interesting. You take from this photo what you will, and I will take from it what I will. We all have different takes. Respect what others may see that you do not.


Love this! 😍


Nice picture! I really like this one. Keep up this great work! 👍 👍 👍


سلام واقعا تبریک میگم پیج جالبی دارین
اموزش و اجرا تاتو
فقط برای اقایون


Nice shot




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Beautiful perspective 👍🏼👍🏼🤗


When did you take this???


@amorteguy we know we have problems, which is why it’s nice to appreciate the beauty we have too. just a pretty poorly-placed comment.


Love this view!


Never seen this shot or side before! Fabulous!


This is beautiful!!! 😍


Woow! Live this photo ❤️


Great shot ! 🔥


I live in San Francisco and I’ve got to say that this picture is epic. Beautiful.

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