Repost @de_la_kels; We have been at protests where the police have mocked us for mobilizing & speaking out against Black people being murdered, families being separated at the border or Indigenous land being stolen • We’ve watched in person & on video, police beating up people who were protesting peacefully — 60 years ago & today • Now before you get defensive and say, “not all cops”, yes, I know - not all cops are beating up peaceful protestors or joyfully protecting neo-nazis • Just as we (as white folks) are not all nazis or card carrying members of the kkk, not all cops are engaging in overtly racist or violent behavior BUT, just as my whiteness makes me complicit in white supremacy and racism, every police officer is part of a racist & oppressive system that is not even close to interested in “justice for all” • Watching @officialspikelee ‘s @blackkklansman had me so shook, and then coming out of that film to news of DC police escorting the white supremacists? • America in 2018 is a nation where white nationalists feel comfortable & SAFE to march toward the White House, where their grand master sits • #washingtondc #blacklivesmatter #abolishice #blackkklansman #whitehouse #donaldtrump #noplaceforhate #antifa #whitesupremacy #whitenationalism



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