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Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Cloud Gate is a sculpture created by Anish Kapoor in downtown Chicago’s Millenium Park that invites interaction. It has been nicknamed “The Bean” and reflects both the city and the viewers, bending, stretching and distorting everything into wild shapes (see the second image). For photographers this sculpture is exhilarating as it has endless photographic opportunities. #chicago #cloudgate #thebean






Nice pic


@soblenk_bouiten_zorg yang tadi aq tanyain itu ..


@soblenk_bouiten_zorg jangan lupa kesini 😁


I loved Chicago. Such a dynamic place


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Love it. Please see my feed


@malinipatnaik Beautiful, but a little late. I wish I had seen this and tried it while I was there. :P Would’ve been a lot of fun.


@kelmo31 quality content


This is beautiful.


favorite city! check out our page - it’s a socially conscious travel magazine ✨ #staycurious




@em_warburton instill need those photos


@annaarina_ ❤️❤️❤️


@sw_mi_girl I lived there 17 years and I could continue


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Que fantástico ! Beleza sem fim !


Das intervenções urbanas mais interessantes que já vi. Perfeita a 2ª foto


I went to Chicago a few years back and my hotel was right across from it. It’s the big bean. THE LARGEST JELLY BEAN


@caranormalactivities 🤥 that’s your nose growing from the lies you’re telling


That’s outstanding


@erika_tinta como lo ves??!!! 😀


Nature lover hard & undiscovered..


@allisonawannadonna love the Bean but the concert venue next to it makes my jaw drop!




Muito criativo, espetáculo!!!

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